Monday evening was also a chance for people to gather downtown, with a 9/11 remembrance of a different kind.

Perry Square set the stage for a Cruise In dedicated to first responders as a way to remember those lost in 2001.

Live bands added music to the scene as hundreds of people made their way to the event that featured a large variety of classic cars, trucks and motorcycles, joining in with the occasional fire truck as well.

We spoke with a member of the Lawrence Park Fire Department about his experience that day. 

“I was running East County Communications Center when those planes hit, and our dispatch center went crazy with phone calls, all those firemen dying and everything like that. As the hazmat chief, we were gearing up to go, but we didn’t go because it was so packed,” said Tim Crotty, Lawrence Park Fire Department.

At the event, Crotty was showing off a tribute bike to his nephew Mike, who was a firefighter as well.