Dozens of animals killed in Wattsburg barn fire

Local News
Wattsburg fire fronted vosot_20160330023413
A Wattsburg fire destroys a barn killing several animals.  The fire also burning part of a home housing a family of 3.  A tragic afternoon for the residents. Two were home at the time of the fire. 
When fire crews arrived around 3:30 Tuesday afternoon they say large flames were coming from the structure. The fire started in a barn sitting behind the garage attached to the house. The fire then spread to the garage destroying both structures.  
Fire crews managed to prevent the flames from spreading to the home. The home owners says they lost several animals in the fire including pigs, 2 dogs, and chickens.  A cow and three dogs did manage to escape the fire unharmed.  Wattsburg Fire Department called in seven additional area fire departments for assistance. The cause of the fire is still under investigation. 

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