DUI enforcement increase

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The food and drink vendors are hoping everyone takes advantage of what they have to offer, but have too much to drink and driving home could put you in a bad situation; police will be looking for drunk drivers.

With thousands of people down at Roar on the Shore having a good time, maybe having a drink or two; it’s important to remember to be safe and to never drink and drive, or ride.

There are several Police Officers on duty down in Perry Square to make sure you are safe on the party grounds, but once you decide to call it a night, make sure  you have chosen a designated driver.

Police will be keeping an eye out for any erratic vehicles or suspicious behavior.  Even police outside city limits will be on alert for a higher amount of traffic.  Captain Carter Mook of the Millcreek Police Department tells us, “we don’t have nay specific or special details planned, but we have increased the compliment on all three shifts.  That started Saturday and runs through Sunday and they will be looking for DUI’s.”

The Pennsylvania State Police tell us they will actively be targeting violators of DUI, speeding, reckless, or careless driving.

Have fun and be safe out there!

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