At the Eagles Nest Leadership Corporation on Pennsylvania Avenue, lawmakers are hearing from local leaders concerning youth violence.

This is a hearing for elected officials in Harrisburg to learn how they can help.

The goal of this hearing is for local leaders to talk about organizations that work to prevent violence in communities like Erie.

State Representatives Bob Merski and Ryan Bizzarro were in attendance during this hearing.

One local leader also said that funding is needed to address the issue of teen violence.

He said that African American boys in the community are being impacted. He hopes that this hearing will promote positive change and action.

“We have taken this as an opportunity to share amongst the legislators what we can do to make a difference within our community, and how we need the funding coming here to help different organizations to do better as far as eliminating gun violence,” said Bishop Dwane Brock, CEO of Eagles Nest Leadership Corporation.

Coming up on JET 24 Action News at 5 p.m. you will hear from other local leaders concerning the hearing and why funding is needed to address the issue of teen violence.