Eagle’s Nest program first semester underway

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It’s all about academic excellence and discipline for students participating in the new Eagle’s Nest leadership program.

Tiarra Braddock had the opportunity to go into the classroom for a chance to speak with students and teachers to see what makes the program so special.

The Eagle’s Nest Program of academic distinction is officially up and running and now more than 60 fifth and sixth grade students are getting a unique approach to education.

“We’re a strict culture,” said Kim Overton, an English teacher at Eagle’s Nest. “The students have to say yes sir, yes ma’am, we address the students by their last name, making sure they are comfortable with who they are and we have a creed that they have to say each day.”

In addition to learning math, English and social studies, Eagle’s Nest students learn civility, honor, respect and responsibility. The students are tested to see where they are academically, once the tests come back, teachers will assess the student’s academic needs.

“One thing is ‘what have they been taught?’ and then we here at the Eagle’s Nest try to fill the gaps in what they’re missing,” Overton said. “Making sure they have responsibility of their own education with what we provide them and make sure they are respecting themselves and others as well.

While there are only fifth and sixth graders in the program now, Eagle’s Nest CEO Bishop Dwane Brock says he hopes to add a grade each year.

“It’s incumbent upon us to come together and create a dynamic,” Brock said. “Create a new paradigm of education for our children and this is it, they learn integrity, they learn values and they understands the dynamics of respect.

Eagle’s Nest students are required to wear uniforms. Boys and girls have separate classes to minimize possible distractions while working.

The Erie School District partnered with the Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corporation to launch this program. To be clear, this is a program within the Erie School District and not a charter school.

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