The East Side Renaissance is working to bring more development to Parade Street from East 6th to 12th streets.

One community leader said it’s a group effort and these revitalization projects are intended to uplift the entire neighborhood.

“Not by ourselves, but with others in the neighborhood that have been here, the staples of the Denny’s and the Kraus’s in the neighborhood, basically helping to grow their value and their stabilization in the area,” said Matthew Harris, founder, “Character: Be About It.”

That includes businesses like New York Lunch; one employee said they just reopened.
Several others say they’re eager to see the new Erie Bank on Parade Street come to life.

“I think it’s a great thing because it’s going to bring more customers. The more people that are coming across the street, they’re gonna possibly come in and have something to eat, so I think it’s a good thing. It’s probably going to help the community out right here on Parade Street too,” said Michael Lockwood, employee at New York Lunch Parade Street.

“Living in this neighborhood right across the street….even if you don’t have a bank account, it’ll be easy access to having a bank account and opening one,” said Ken Brewton, east side resident.

Leaders of the East Side Renaissance said this new bank and education center is just the first of many projects on Parade Street.

“Putting a medical facility right there, housing right there, and restaurants right there. We have been working under the radar, behind the scenes, to see some really great economic development and community development happening right there on Parade Street,” said Bishop Dwane Brock, CEO of Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corporation.