The East Side Renaissance is looking to rehabilitate the community starting with Parade Street.

Here’s more on this effort to elevate Eastern Erie.

Parade Street has become the hub and new headquarters for the East Side Renaissance.

On May 31, the community welcomed several lawmakers for a tour to share their hopes and vision for the community.

The East Side Renaissance has been purchasing property along Parade Street with the goal to renovate and provide opportunity for residents there.

How do they plan on tackling this project? Through a combination of real estate development as well as educational and inspirational programs.

Residents would see reasonably-priced housing, new small businesses and improved spaces for commercial use.

The founder of the East Side Renaissance said that their investment in this project solely revolves around the locals.

“Taking this project on, so many have focused on buildings, but it is the providing hope part that we really put our stock into. In terms of the physical renovation of this neighborhood, these different legislatures that we invited for this tour are all instrumental in bringing funding to our city,” said Marcus Atkinson, Founding Member of East Side Renaissance.

Some specific plans call for a grocery store, a bank and a social gathering space.

While this program is mainly about reconstructing the buildings on Parade Street, it is also about reconstructing the hearts and will of the community members.

“That doesn’t just include revitalizing buildings, that includes revitalizing neighborhoods, and that includes people. So when we look at the revitalization process, as businesses come into the area that is going to create opportunities for jobs. It’s going to create a destination for people in this neighborhood to congregate,” said Bob Merski, (D), 2nd District.

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The East Side Renaissance looks to set a 25 year redevelopment plan into motion with the help of these lawmakers, and believes that it will bring some hope back into the community.