East side shooting leaves man in critical condition

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Neighbors in the East side of Erie woke up to a disturbing discovery of a bloody body on the steps outside a row of townhouses on the 2500 block of McCain Avenue.

Many questions are still up in the air for City of Erie Police as a male victim was found on the steps of 2518.

Around 10 a.m. this morning, City of Erie Police and medical personnel responded to a call about a bloody body on the steps. When authorities arrived on the scene they found a male lying on the steps of his neighbors apartment.

According to Deputy Chief Mike Nolan, the victim lives at 2516 with his girlfriend. It is unknown at this time whether she was home during the shooting. He is believed to have been shot inside the residence of 2516, then made his way to the step of 2518.

Nolan said the victim was shot multiple times and is in critical condition.

“He was unable to speak with the Officers at that time. He is in serious condition. He’s been transported to UPMC,” said Deputy Chief Mike Nolan.

Deputy Chief Nolan said they question nearby neighbors about the shooting. When talking with neighbors, they said this act of violence is alarming, adding they did not hear a gun shot.

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