ECBA plans to demolish a historic building

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Erie might be saying goodbye to one of its historic buildings.  

After purchasing two buildings on what’s known as ‘Millionaire’s Row,’ the Erie County Bar Association picked one as its new headquarters; the other will be torn down.

The Association says that decision comes after months of looking for another solution.  Organization leaders say the Bar reached out to the public and multiple organizations who might be interested in using the building. “None were interested in the building, even if it were given to them at no cost,” said an ECBA statement.
Community leaders like Lisa Austin aren’t happy with the demolition plans, “The people who are all applauding the Bookie Plan need to really pay attention to what it says, and it says don’t tear down a building like this.”  She’s talking about the Erie Refocused plan that emphasizes utilizing the city’s resources.  “As it is on the outside, it’s a great contributor to Millionaire’s Row, and we’d really like to keep that if we can.”
While it disheartens some community leaders to see this building torn down, they say the Bar Association is completely within their legal right to do so.  “The Erie County Bar Association is perfectly within its rights to demolish the property that it owns. This is an unfortunate fact here in Erie, that buildings that are historic that are even recognized nationally have no protection.”
Austin says other cities of our size have taken action to protect historic buildings like this one on West 6th Street.  The Association says the demolition won’t happen immediately, but it will happen soon.
Association leaders say they’ve done everything in their power to find another solution.  The building will likely be used for parking once it’s knocked down.

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