Edinboro First United Church offers drive-thru service

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Though it might not seem like Easter Sunday with out church services, one church in Edinboro created a safe way to celebrate.

Edinboro First United Church offered a drive-thru Easter celebration for anyone to drive their cars through the parking lot for a display of Easter lilies.

“We had Easter lilies ordered and we wanted to go ahead and use those since people can get out and about even if they can’t be with people. We wanted to show that display to folks and so we’ll offer a blessing,” said Greg Gillispie, Pastor of Edinboro First United Church.

Drive-thru participants remained in their cars exchanging words with the pastor. Some parishioners said the an event like this was needed.

“It’s so important I think we needed a place to be this morning that was outside of our homes even if it was just for a drive by,” said Margo Roberts, Parishioner.

Though it was just a drive by, seeing the lilies and the pastor brought a sense of normalcy to a holiday that usually brings a community together.

“It’s really nice being able to have one thing that’s kind of normal in Easter. I’ve always liked coming to church so i’m really happy that we’re able to do this small thing that can kind of bring us all together,” said Grace Honeycut, Parishioner.

While this drive-thru Easter celebration is going on, the doors are locked. The pastor said the safety of the community is most important.

“There would be folks that would love to come in and do choir practice, would love to be at our congregational meals, certainly Sunday worship, but by us keeping them away we’re helping to keep them and our whole community healthier,” said Gillispie.

Though Edinboro First United did not allow anyone inside the church, they posted a video of last years Easter service online.

The church also streamed a live service today for the community to enjoy and get into the Easter spirit.

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