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With a major motion picture hitting the big screen later this month, there has been a lot of buzz surrounding Mr. Fred Rogers.

One university is remembering Mr. Rogers more than 20 years after his visit.

In honor of Mr. Rogers and World Kindness Day, the university has uploaded a podcast featuring Mr. Rogers when he made his visit to the school’s graduation.

There, he spread his words of kindness, something that has stuck with those that attended the 1998 graduation.

It is a phrase that would spark kindness across the nation, from the jingle, “Would you be my neighbor.”

That was how Mr. Rogers was greeted when he spoke at the 1998 Edinboro University commencement ceremony.

More than 20 years later, the university released a podcast titled “Mr. Rogers: A Beautiful Day in our Neighborhood.”

The podcast “Tartan Talks” hosted by Christopher Lafuria, says when he was editing the podcast, this is what he believes society needs in 2019.

“We need somebody that is genuine, that is sharing a message of hope. Because, you are talking about politics, education, or just being neighbors. Those messages need reinforced and shared,” said Christopher Lafuria, Host, Tartan Talks.

In 1998, Mary Jo Melvin was working at the Miller Research Learning Center, at the time located on the Edinboro campus.

Dr. Melvin says Mr. Rogers made a visit to her students, where they gave him a sweater from the children.

“He just talked to them. Everything he said was the message that regardless of who you are, what you are, you’re perfect and you’re wonderful,” said Dr. Mary Jo Melvin.

Dr. Melvin describes the moments as a highlight of her career.

“You learn about all of these different theorists, but there was Mr. Rogers who you could understand 100 percent from the first word out of his mouth. His message ‘just be the best person you are and just be there for these young people,'”

Tartan Talks is available on podcast service.

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