Edinboro University students with physical disabilities protested for equality

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Edinboro University students with physical disabilities are protesting for equality. Students gathered in the rain to protest changes announced for disability care.

Interim President of the University Michael Hannan says each student will get to meet with service coordinators to discuss what types of private provider services can be coordinated for them next year. 

The attendant care program proved 24/7 care for physically disabled students. “This will get our word out and show people that we’re not just gonna sit here and take it and hopefully the university sees us,” said Beau Bruneau. 

There are currently 36 students assisted by the program.

A statement given by the Interim President says in part “These personal care services which are currently provided by University employees, will be provided by community based attendant care providers, and qualifying costs will be covered by a federal waiver system.”

The attendant care program is scheduled to end May of 2019. 

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