EFD demonstrates Christmas tree fire danger

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ERIE, Pa. — A living room went up in flames showing just how flammable a live Christmas tree can be. The catch? The blaze was sparked by some firefighters.

Erie Insurance teamed up with Erie Fire Department by taking a vacant house, furnishing a holiday scene in the living room, complete with a live Christmas tree.

Then sent it all up in flames, warning residents of the fire danger that these trees pose.

The living room quickly went up in flames. It took only seconds for the tree to become completely engulfed in flames, 60 seconds for the house to fill with smoke and another 30 seconds to put it out.

Firefighters were already on scene for precaution, but waiting out the burn for a few minutes to simulate real response time.

Erie Fire Chief Guy Santone warned that when these live Christmas trees dry out, they can easily catch on fire.

The whole scenario played out for an Erie Insurance video — a warning for homeowners.

It was 1,200 degrees inside of that living room during the fire.

The Bayfront Eastside Taskforce owns the property that the abandoned house sits on.

The house will be torn down.

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