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The COVID-19 outbreak continues to cause a growing impact on local businesses in Erie. Some business owners expressing their concerns on how they look to overcome the pandemic with a loss in revenue.

Those business owners say the pandemic has caused uncertainty as to what is to come for their business economically. Some businesses are even looking at unique ways to keep income flowing in.

Danice Manus, owner of Manus Sunoco, continues to fight every day for her convenience store and gas station to stay open. The COVID-19 pandemic has left her with no other option that to stay open for 24/7 to pay the bills.

“If we don’t have enough money to pay for the gas that’s coming in here, then we’re losing out. We’ll definitely be one of those businesses that will have to close.”

Whether traveling on the road or in the sky, the impact on COVID-19 is everywhere.

On Friday, United flights to and from Chicago will be cancelled from Erie International Airport due to a travel decrease from COVID-19

“Traffic is down, so the airlines are trying not to fly empty planes around, so they’re making decisions based on demand or traffic to fly planes or to not fly planes.” said Derek Martin, Executive Director of the Erie International Airport.

Martin says beginning in April, there will only be one Delta flight a day to Detroit from a loss in airline revenue. Restaurants like Odis 12 also feeling the heat from the pandemic. But, continue to find makeshift work for employees.

“The owner is awesome. He’s offering shifts for people who want to come in and do some deep cleaning. We’ve painted the bathrooms and we’ve pulled everything out of the bar area to keep things as sanitary as possible.”

Restaurants like Odis 12, one of many listed on a Facebook page devoted to helping spread the word about carry out services. It’s called Erie County PA Take Out/ Delivery 2020

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