Elected leaders in and outside of Erie County are looking to collaborate to improve the quality of life for residents with a Fusion Cell project.

“It’s absolutely critical for us to collaborate, but one, just the quality of life for the residents. If you live at a county line for us to communicate with other counties that aids in community,”

A main focus of the project is to provide residents in more areas with connection opportunities with internet services.

“Say broadband internet service, if we’re working those other counties, we ensure continuity of service throughout the county and into the next county and so on and so forth,” Davis said.

Ben Kafferlin, Chairman of the Board for the Warren County Commissioners, shared why this project would benefit residents within his county.

“We have our ARPA funds set aside in order to be a match but we have done an analysis. There’s no way we can pay for it and that’s the thing that probably is hurting our community the most,” said Ben Kafferlin, Chairman of the Board of Warren County Commissioners.

Those involved are hopeful that the project will contribute to economic development by providing more jobs.

“Everything in terms of economic development and infrastructure spending is to develop our economy. As we develop our economy, you help develop the existing businesses help grow new businesses with that we create jobs,” Davis said.

Government leaders outside of Erie County highlight the importance of this collaboration and how it will benefit the constituents of their area as well.

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“It is absolutely critical that we work across those state lines in order to enhance our applications not just because of economies of scale but also because the applications, the grants are weighted for cross jurisdictions,” Kafferlin said.

Leaders outside of Erie County said it is encouraging to be able to share ideas and collaborate on projects such as this one.