Electrical rates are on their way up in the coming weeks.

Rate hikes are expected to jump in June 2022. These are increases you will see in your July 2022 electric bill.

For Penelec customers, it will mean another $16 a month or so for average use.

The Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC) said you can either accept the default rate charged by Penelec or you can shop the marketplace to try to find a better deal.

Patrick Cicero, Acting Pennsylvania Consumer Advocate, warns consumers that prices for the marketplace tend to fluctuate and could lead to future price hikes.

“Competitive electric supplies are going through the same wholesale energy market to get through the same volatility that affects Penelec will affect competitive suppliers as well,” said Patrick Cicero, Acting Pennsylvania Consumer Advocate.

He warns that if you do choose to shop the marketplace, you should double check the rate every month in case the price starts to rise even more.