Electrical fire reported at the Corry Fire Department

Local News

Corry area firefighters responded to a scene and did not have to travel far.

The fire call was at their own back up radio tower which is also a police and fire station combined.

The back up radio tower started the problem when a guide wire snapped in the wind, sending the roof the tower into power lines.

This electrified the cables going into the back up radio system starting a small fire on the roof.

Firefighters could not put out the fire until the electric company turned off the power.

“Due to the fact we couldn’t address it until we could de-energize the roof made it a little contentious for the firemen who had to wait, but once we did get it killed we were easily able to go out and extinguish it,” said Jim Lathrop, Chief of the Corry Fire Department.

Neighbors lost power for a short time while the fire was being put out.

There were no injuries and no loss of radio service reported.

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