Elvis Appreciator performs at Celebrate Erie

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Today marks 40 years since the King of Rock N’ Roll died.  with vigils taking place in Elvis’ hometown, one local man has kept the legend alive right here in Erie for the last 25 years.

“I was only probably about 8 years old.  And that was it, hands down right there.”

From the first time Jim Moore saw Elvis perform live on the Ed Sullivan Show over 60 years ago, he dreamt of being on stage.  Since then, he’s been collecting memorabilia and now displays it in his home in a room entirely dedicated to the king.

About 25 years ago he decided to start performing as an Elvis Appreciator at events in Erie and around the region.  “I was 40 years old and I listened to all these other guys…. and I said, ‘hey, I can do it, why not?’  My wife made up a suit and I started doing it.  I guess everybody liked it and I just kept on doing it,” Moore tells us.

If you’d like to catch Moore in action, he will be performing at Celebrate Erie this Saturday on the Perry Square stage at 6pm.

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