Emergency outage taking place in Meadville so crews can move a large Osprey nest

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A particular bird species has prompted local representatives and power companies to come up with a plan to prevent them from building nests on power lines.

A one hour emergency outage has been scheduled for this morning in Meadville so crews can remove a large Osprey nest from a 60-foot pole that holds two power lines.

Penelec has been installing nesting boxes to poles where nests are spotted. The outage began at 8 a.m. and will take place until 9 a.m. Tuesday in Meadville.

During the planned outage, crews will carefully remove the nest, install a specially designed nesting box, then replace the Opsrey nest on that box.

This year the pole can be seen from Route 19, although the pole is actually located on South Water Street Extension across French Creek from the rear of Five Guys and Plaza Express Car Wash. 

Ospreys and other birds of prey prefer tall structures including electric transmission towers and poles to build their nests.

The birds typically winter over in South America before returning to Pennsylvania in April to nest and raise chicks.


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