Employees, workers, patients, and even the mayor sign a beam in St. Vincent’s new building

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Community members are celebrating a major sign of progress in Erie.  Today, crews lifted the final beam to the top of what will soon take the shape of St. Vincent’s new emergency room building.

Community leaders are leaving their mark in the new St. Vincent Emergency Department.  They’re signing their names on the beam, and next to the employees, the buildings sign and even patients leave their mark on the beam.

Mayor Joe Schember says, “I didn’t know we were gonna get an opportunity to sign the bar and I really took advantage of it. I wrote my name really big on there so people could read it. It’s exciting to have my name right up there with everyone else’s.”

Together, they’re watching crews place the beam at the highest point in the new facility.  The hospital’s president, Chris Clark, tells us it’s a project that will better accommodate the facility’s more than 65,000 patients treated in the emergency center every year. “We’re improving the efficiencies of how care is delivered as well. State of the art equipment inside, so this clearly is a great thing for the patient experience.” 

Community leaders tell us this ceremony is a prime example of St. Vincent’s long-term commitment to the Erie area.

Gary Lee, Erie County Director of Administration, says, “Things are happening in Erie. New construction is going up. St. Vincent is here to stay. They’re continuing to make investments into our community and we’re extremely appreciative of it.” 

The building is part of a $200 million investment in St. Vincent.  It will extend from the existing Hardner Building on Myrtle Avenue to the north side of the hospital. 

Hospital officials tell us they’re hoping to open up the doors to the new emergency center in about a year.  The mayor says it’s projects like this one that make him excited about what’s in store for Erie’s future. 

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