Employers encouraging staff to receive COVID-19 vaccine to return workers to the office

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As more people have the opportunity to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. Some employees are shifting from working from home to working back at the office.

Some employers say they are waiting until the summer to bring everyone back to work. They say, by then, most will have had some time to schedule their vaccines.

“I know there are people that really want to come into City Hall and do things there. As long as everyone in City Hall has had the opportunity to get vaccinated prior to opening and as long as we have security in place that we want, we will be opening.” said Mayor Joe Schember.

Schember says one factor contributing to the reopening of City Hall is vaccine access. He says many City of Erie officials have had the opportunity to receive a vaccine.

“Every police and fire worker has had the opportunity to get vaccinated, it’s really up to each individual whether they choose to do it or not. We’re not ordering anybody or telling anybody they have to. We’re encouraging them to.” Schember said.

One spokesperson for Erie Insurance says they are emphasizing the importance and recommending employees receive a COVID-19 vaccine before they return to the workplace.

“At this point, we’re strongly recommending employees who are able to be vaccinated to do so when they become eligible. We really think it’s the right to do to protect themselves and their families, as well as their co-workers and the general community.” said John Simon.

Simon says Erie Insurance employees’ return to the workplace will be gradual, giving employees more time to receive a vaccine.

“Around 95% of our employees who are currently working remotely will start transitioning them back, but it’s going to be a slow and steady transition.” Simon said.

The City of Erie and Erie Insurance will not mandate vaccines. However, in some instances, employers are legally able to do so.

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