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There are three days left until PennDOT will begin the state takeover of EMTA. However, city and county officials indicate that a deal could soon be reached.

Mayor Joe Sinnott says he and the county executive have been talking all along about the renewal of the EMTA charter, but he says now, those conversations are more fruitful.

“I’m hopeful that we will be able to find a resolution,” Sinnott says. “We’ve known that the state has been out there with the possibility of coming in to keep bus service going which we do need to have the bus service continue. I hope that’s not going to be necessary for them to do it so I’m hopeful. “

County Executive Kathy Dahlkemper says she and the Mayor have sat down since the letter from PennDOT was sent. She says they are closer than ever before in reaching a deal.

“It may sound easy and it may look easy, but these are difficult things, so I commend everyone from both councils and the mayor in my office for the work that everyone’s doing to find a solution,” Dahlkemper says. “Once we do we will together let the public know about that. “

County council is expected to meet for an informal discussion on Saturday.

City council has postponed putting out next week’s agenda because they are still working on some resolutions, including one for EMTA. They say they will meet before Monday, but no date or time has been set.

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