EMTA ultimatum

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County council is voting tonight to give a stiff deadline to the city to negotiate the future of EMTA.

This is a decision that could have the county withdrawal potential funding.

Erie County Council says they have had enough of the back and forth negotiations over the EMTA charter with the city. This is leading the county to vote on giving the city an ultimatum.

Erie county council has laid out a proposal for a 20 year plan for EMTA that will issue a deadline of June 30 for response from City Council. If there is no response from the city the county will withdrawal all funding.

The proposal is being voted on Tuesday. This would make Erie County responsible for all the  funds, which by 2020 is estimated at more than $881,000. It would also give the county the right to appoint all the authority’s board members.

Tonight the county will be voting whether or not this proposal and deadline will be given to the city which could determine the future of EMTA.

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