EMTA wants the Erie School District to put aides on all student buses

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The time is almost here for EMTA buses to haul around 3,000 students to and from school. 

The EMTA is requesting the Erie School District put aides on every bus that carries students. 

“If we were able to hire 23 aides and have them in place by the start of school,” said Erie School District Superintendent Brian Polito. “It would cost us about $200,000 a year, but we have a lot of trouble filling those positions as is.” 

Polito says they have aides on certain buses already, but it would be very hard to put aides on all the buses in such short time. If the school district doesn’t provide aides on the buses, EMTA says they will double the hourly rate causing a significant increase in the school’s budget. 

The school district could spend around $900,000 on transportation if they provide aides. If they don’t provide aides, the district would be spending around two million dollars on transportation. The school district recently purchased four buses. “We did take back six of their routes this year, so that so that’s what those buses were for,” said Polito. If the school district decides to put aides on the buses, they say they will hire people for part time positions.

No decisions were made on Wednesday regarding what the school district will do about this busing situation. We did reach out to EMTA for a statement but they haven’t gotten back to us yet.

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