Ericson Memorial pulls out the ‘big guns’ with cannon restoration

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For the past 118 years, two Civil War cannons sat at the base of the Civil War Monument in Girard, and as you can imagine, over time the elements took their toll.

The cannons have been removed and taken to Ericson Memorial Studios in Millcreek where they are undergoing an extreme makeover.  The base holding the cannons crumbled, so a new base was designed and built by David Platz, who works at Ericson.  Platz stripped generations of paint and sandblasted and primed the cannons that were manufactured in 1861 and 1864.  He said his work was like a history lesson.  “I was told to look for the maker’s mark, so as I started to find the mark, I started researching them and learning all the stuff about both these cannons.”

One cannon was manufactured in Richmond, Virginia, the other in Reading, Pennsylvania.  

Peter Burton, of Ericson Memorial Studios says how glad they were to receive this project.  “Not a lot of companies out there that can restore this kind of stuff,” says Burton.  “So, we were very honored to be helpful with this.”

The cannons will be placed back at the monument for a special unveiling on Thursday, August 3rd during Dan Rice Days.

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