Erie Ale Works celebrates five years of business

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The idea started in 2014, now Jeff McCullor and his co-owner are celebrating their success after years of learning the business.

Jeff McCullor, Co-owner of Erie Ale Works says, “Anyone who starts a business will tell you the first couple of years are really rough and that was definitely that case with us. It takes a little bit to get your feet under you and really get comfortable with owning a business.”

Erie Ale Works did just that and learned to flourish in the community.

“We’re looking forward to making more beer with our friends down the street close friends like Lavery Brewing Company, The Brewerie at Union Station, they help us and we help them,” McCullor added.

Community members look forward to spending time with one another and most importantly supporting a local brewery.

Alice DeGeorg, beer enthusiast says, “Having a cold one, that’s really what it’s all about, I know the guys that made it, I love them, I support them.”

For others, it’s about creating a community.

Kyle Churman, beer enthusiast says, “They make good beer and they are friendly and fun. We’ve been coming here for a lot of that and the comradery and the beer.”

Erie Ale Works is looking to grow further in the next five years with additional production and staff.

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