The Erie Art Gallery will be moving from it’s storefront and a new entrepreneur will be taking over.

The Erie Art Gallery will continue at a new studio in the PACA Arts Center.

At the previous location, Brooklyn Harris is creating a salon that doubles as a space for beauty professionals who are interested in starting their own business.

The salon is called B Klassy Salon Suites. This salon will be open for clients to book appointments in mid September.

Brooklyn Harris said that the salon will offer mentorship, educational workshops and marketing strategies for beauty professionals who want to be independent from their previous salons and have their own business.

“Beauty professionals can come and kind of be there own boss, have their own location, make their own schedule and come and go as they please. But also our services that we offer will be tied in at the same location,” said Brooklyn Harris, Owner of B Klassy Salon Suites.

For a link on more information or to apply for a position at the new B Klassy Salon, click here.