Erie auto glass repair shops see spike in business

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After more than 60 car windows were shot out, local auto glass repair shops see a spike in business.

Employees of both Safelite Auto Glass and Star Auto Glass say following the vandalism of 60 cars late Wednesday night and early Thursday morning left many Erie and Millcreek residents agitated when they were greeted by shattered glass.

“Things were a little hectic yesterday trying service all of the people that we’re victims of the vandalism,” said Safelite Auto Glass Manager, Timothy Stinedurf.

Stinedurf says they repaired about ten extra vehicles and adds that it’s great to have the extra business but not at the expense of someone’s car being vandalized.

” Anybody that we couldn’t service yesterday that came in, we did clean up the broken glass for them,” said Stinedurf. “We put protective plastic over the opening to keep the elements out for them. ”

Stinedurf says the influx of repairs needed is something they have never seen before.

“That was a lot of vehicles damaged yesterday. Usually, around the holidays you see an increase in vandalism when people are stealing,” Stinedurf.

A window replacement can range from $200-700. At Safelite Auto Glass, one client had three windows shot out.

On the other side of town, Mike Klan, Manager of Star Auto Glass says they have received many calls to keep them busy.

” We fielded probably about two dozen calls as a result of it and I’ve done a handful today,” said Klan.

Klan expects more calls in the upcoming days.

“Sometimes you don’t always get calls right away in regards to people contacting you,” said Klan. “Sometimes they have to contact insurance, go through the police and what not, and other channels before getting the work done.”

Safelite Auto Glass says they believe more calls will come in.

If you have any information on the vandalism, you are urged
to contact City of Erie police.

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