Thanksgiving eve is one of the busiest and most profitable days for bars in the United States.

With the pandemic mainly in the rearview mirror, bars are looking to make up for the past two years. Thanksgiving eve 2020 and 2021 were not ideal for bars, but this year, they are hoping it’s a return to normal.

Thanksgiving is for eating turkey, but for many, Thanksgiving eve is for hitting the bars with friends and families, and for the bars, hopefully making a tidy profit too.

“It’s a great night but it’s kind of hard because we don’t know what the gage is anymore. Last year, we were coming off a lot of shutdowns. The year before we were shut down just moments before Thanksgiving eve, within hours without much notice. We are looking back three years trying to figure out what this Thanksgiving eve kind of felt like,” said Chris Sirianni, owner, BrewErie at Union Station.

Erie bar and restaurant owner John Melody said he’s looking forward to the big crowds.

“We are looking forward to it. A couple of years ago, the governor shut us down right before Thanksgiving with little notice so hopefully, we can make up for it tonight,” said John Melody, bar and restaurant owner.

John Melody added that the profits go into the weekend as well especially since the World Cup is playing as well.

“The big thing for me is that the World Cup is on behind me and we play USA vs England on Friday, so I’m hoping for a bumper crowd for that for sure. For me personally, it’s a lot about the World Cup, and we have people in and it’s growing every day,” Melody added.

Melody said right now, while business has picked back up, the supply chain and labor are still not back to normal.

BrewErie is open until 10 p.m. John Melody’s bars are open until midnight.