A new Erie-based company will be releasing a new kind of drink this summer, and the company is making a splash about it first.

The local company is called “Protochol Beverage” and the company is rolling out an alcoholic protein drink.

Three young entrepreneurs from Erie say the plan is for the spiked protein drink to hit stores in the Erie area this summer.

“Our target right now is August of 2021 to get it out there in local gas stations, local independent beer distributors and, eventually, into those larger retail outlets like grocery stores.” said Mitch Clark, CEO of Protochol Beverage.

Clark says the 16 oz drinks have 8% ABV and have 11 grams of protein. Clark says the drink production and canning is in done in Toledo, Ohio. For the past year, the company has been based in Erie.

“We’re all born and raised in Erie. They call it the Miami of the north for a reason, so we wanted to bring something high octane here and that’s how it started.” Clark said.

One of the creators of Protochol Beverage says their launch video is intended to get the Erie community excited about their new drink.

“This commercial we just shot on top of the Bicentennial Tower was definitely our first big stunt of many to come. We are planning some in the local area here in the near future and we’re trying to recreate some things that happened here or just going to local hotspots.

Prischak says you can find information about when these events are happening on their Instagram and their website.