A local ornithologist is welcoming the public to join her guided bird walks.

Saturday started the first day of bird walks with The Erie Bird Observatory.

During their walk, birders were on the lookout for hawks, falcons, castors and much more. Each week, the group tracks and counts migrating birds.

A naturalist for Erie Bird Observatory said that Saturday was the perfect day for tracking.

“We have south winds today which it what we love. It pushes these birds up to the lakeshore here. These birds are riding the thermals; they don’t want to go out over the water so they’re going to hug this coastline. They get right up here to the coast then they start streaming off to the east and we just got clicker and start counting as they go over,” said Katie Andersen, a naturalist at the Erie Bird Observatory.

If you would like more information on how to join the bird walks, check out their website here.