Bird lovers have the opportunity to train with the Erie Bird Observatory this weekend.

The Erie Bird Observatory is hosting a training session Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m. for volunteers who are interested in supporting the group.

Bird Safe Erie is a new program starting this spring to help monitor migratory birds coming through the region.

The outreach coordinator said this program is offered through a collaboration with several local wildlife organizations.

“What Bird Safe Erie is trying to do is trying to monitor what is happening in Erie. If there are particular areas where most birds are colliding with windows or getting disoriented by light. Then finding ways to engage with the community and prevent these from happening or address specific spots for birds that are migrating through,” said Lydia Laythe, outreach coordinator for the Erie Bird Observatory.

The outreach coordinator said the program would love to engage with businesses that are experiencing birds running into their buildings or those who would just like to support the group.