A well-known Christian evangelist and former presidential candidate has passed away.

According to Christian Broadcasting Network, Pat Robertson died early Thursday morning in his home surrounded by his family. He was best known for his political commentary on the 700 Club.

In a release, Robertson’s son described him as a “spiritual father guiding us and teaching us to love the lord and the lives worthy of the gospel.”

Joel Natalie, the station manager of Talk Erie, explained that Robertson is among one of the most influential religious broadcasters in history. Natalie said that Erie was home to a Christian coalition in the 90s and his passing affected those who were a part of that.

“I think he was a humble servant of God and used the modern technology, the technology that was in front of him, to do great things, to follow his leading what was placed upon him, his passion and his mission,” said Natalie.

Roberston was 93 years old.