ALEXANDRIA, EGYPT Dec. 5, 2019 — Locomotives built at Erie’s Wabtec plant have arrived in Egypt.

Wabtec Corporation a leading rail equipment supplier following its recent merger with GE Transportation, celebrated today the delivery of 10 ES30ACi Light Evolution Series locomotives to Egyptian National Railways (ENR) and the Ministry of Transportation (MoT). The delivery marks the first stage in fulfilling the Company’s 2017 order and services agreements.

“This delivery is the first step in modernizing Egypt’s rail network,” said Gokhan Bayhan, Wabtec’s General Manager of Russia/CIS, Europe, Middle East and North Africa. “These locomotives will provide the efficiency, reliability and tractive effort needed to meet Egyptian National Railways’ goals and compete in today’s evolving marketplace.”

The new locomotives will enable ENR to meet the growing demand for an efficient transport system capable of supporting the country’s vast development plans.  This key milestone also will improve Egypt’s rail infrastructure, help ENR safely move millions of people across the region, as well as bring products to market faster and more efficiently.

The ES30ACi Light Passenger Evolution Series locomotives are equipped with the most fuel efficient 12-cylinder, 3,200-horsepower engine. The locomotive features air-conditioned dual cabs, full-width car body, AC propulsion system, single-axle control and dynamic brakes providing the ability to transport passengers and freight with enhanced reliability.  With these deliveries, Wabtec will have 221 locomotives supporting ENR’s operations.

Wabtec also will deliver a comprehensive end-to-end service for the railway’s fleet. The company is the only locomotive supplier with a team of engineers collocated at ENR shops. In addition, Wabtec will supply spare parts and technical support for locomotives. It also will modernize some existing locomotives in ENR’s fleet.