A brand new nonprofit is opening its doors to service cancer patients with treatments that are free of charge.

The Erie Cancer Wellness Center is looking to work closely with cancer centers in the region while offering non-medical support services to help cancer patients. The center will offer services such as oncology massage, yoga, art therapy, a wig salon for patients who have lost their hair from chemotherapy, and support groups.

The executive director said the goal of the wellness center is to tend to the emotional side effects that patients and families may be experiencing.

“It can be a very frightening time. We need resources to help patients deal with those types of issues as well, which can last years into a cancer diagnosis. So the practitioners at the cancer institutes, the physicians, the nurses, the social workers, are really excited that we’re here,” said Sarah Humphrey, executive director at the Erie Cancer Wellness Center.

Learn more information of all the services and programs being offered by the wellness center by heading to their website.