The names of recent shooting victims were announced at the May 26 service as people bowed their heads and prayed for the communities in Buffalo, New York and Uvalde, Texas

The Erie community and the Sacred Heart Parish came together to end racism and violence.

“We came together today to demonstrate a sense of solidarity and I think we were able to do just that because of the massive crowd here,” said Bishop Dwane Brock, Founder at Eagle’s Nest Leadership Corporation.

The service brought different faith leaders together sharing something in common, which is to pray.

“If we don’t do something, then we become callous to the violence and to the victims,” said Bishop Lawrence Persico, Roman Catholic Diocese of Erie.

The Bishops said this is a new beginning for everyone and hope all of the racism and violence will end through prayer.

“It’s imperative that everyone look at themselves and ask ‘What can I do to end racism?’ Of course, we ask the rhetorical question ‘Who is my neighbor?’ We all understand that we are all neighbors,” Bishop Brock said.

For some, praying is one of the most powerful ways to help.

“All the drugs, the violence and all the killings need to stop. I feel like we need to come together as one and be a family. I mean, it does not make any sense to be prejudice,” said Nakia Burnett, Attended the service.

As the service was ending, Bishop Persico said violence does not have the last word.

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“The main goal I think is for religious leaders to keep calling the people back to the faith perspective and also to prayer. Prayer, faith and also hope,” Bishop Persico said.