Erie City Council approves the creation of Citywide Historic Preservation Task Force

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Preserving Erie’s historic buildings was on the agenda at Wednesday’s Erie City Council meeting. 

City council voted to set up a task force that will look at the history of Erie buildings before owners’ decide to tear them down.

The resolution to set up the task force was created by Councilwoman Liz Allen. As of right now, unless a building has historic meaning to the city of Erie, a building can be torn down at an owner’s discretion. 
With this task force, a committee will be set up to evaluate if a building has historic value to the city that may have not been known before.

Councilwoman Allen says they plan to have historians and architects involved in this committee.  Those historians and  architects  will look at the buildings and make recommendations on whether the building can be repurposed or restored. According to Councilman Cas Kwitowski, other cities have ordinances like this that help preserve buildings.  

“We released we wanted this to be more positive and forward looking. How do we make sure we preserve our historic assets?” said Councilwoman Liz Allen. This resolution did pass with the full support of Erie City Council members. 

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