Erie City Council on Thursday is expected to hear more on Mayor Joe Schember’s ideas for reforming the Erie’s storm water system.

Mayor Schember said now is the time to address the issue with a proposed storm water fee.

The mayor said incidents such as the sinkhole last month near East 5th and Wayne Ave., that cost the city $1.5 million to fix, is a prime example of why a storm water fee is needed.

The mayor also said that action now could save the city in the long haul.

“Our underground sewer system is out of sight, out of mind. Nobody thinks about it, but a lot of it is 100-years-old or older and it’s in very bad shape. We’ll have enough money so that we can look at things and make sure they’re okay before they collapse, which will be a lot less expensive and cost citizens a lot less,” said Mayor Joe Schember, (D), City of Erie.

We will have more on how Erie City Council responds tonight on JET 24 Action News at 11.