Erie City Council listened to residents complaints regarding an East Side Erie club

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Frustrated residents took their complaints about an East Side Erie club to the Erie City Council last night.

They’re urging the council to take a closer look at what is known as Club Energy at East 22nd and Wayne Streets.

People living close to the club told council members about large numbers of people gathered outside every weekend.

They say the behavior, noise, also traffic blocking roads and driveways has all become a big problem.

“We love our neighborhood. Its been quiet for a whole lot of years. Most of us own our homes. We don’t want to leave. We were there first and think the club should be the one to go,” said Jessica Ball, East 22nd Street resident.

“You can’t just go by what one person or two people say. We gotta do our due diligence before we decide to close somebody’s business or establishment,” said Jim Winarski, Erie City Council President.

Neighbors urged council to enforce the laws and zoning regulations already on the books.

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