Erie City Council looking to create parking fine payment plan

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Erie City Council could soon be taking a look at installing a payment plan for delinquent parking tickets.

Mayor Joe Schember explaining that he’s open to exploring a payment plan after multiple residents raised concerns over the increased fines.

Erie City Council approved those increases back in October when they voted to raise the maximum fine for an unpaid ticket from $35 to $135. According to the City of Erie’s Citizens Relation Specialist Mas Sala, there are still some citizens that are unaware and concerned over the increase.

“Not everyone is attuned to that,” Sala said. “They don’t read the paper or watch the news, so unless they hear it from a friend I think a lot of them were caught by surprise of the increase in the fine, and the fact that there is no payment plan and then all of a sudden have to pay these very large bills.”

Erie City Council explained that they are planning on revisiting the ordinance they passed to see if there should be a change.

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