A surprise vote from Erie City Council votes down a proposed salary increase.

Three council members voted against the pay raise. One councilman said he didnt want the raise to impact taxpayers.

“Nobody in their right mind runs for this office for the money,” said Ed Brzezinski.

City Councilman Ed Brezezski and several other city council members voted down a proposal for a salary increase for council members. Earlier this month, during the first reading of the ordinance, several council members voted in favor of the raise.

Councilmen Maurice Troop, Ed Brzezinski, and Mel Witherspoon voted against the raise Wednesday.

“I would like to see a price freeze right now, just because we’re throwing our money all over the place like it’s monopoly doesn’t mean we’re doing real well,” Brzezinski added.

The ordinance proposed council members would make $10,000 a year and the council president would make $12,000 a year. It would have gone into effect for council members elected in January of 2024.

“I have spoken, and I hope the people understand why I did it. It wasn’t grandstanding, it’s just a matter of principle,” said Brzezinski.

While those that voted against the salary increase have concerns, one city councilman said it will have little impact on taxpayers.

“I didn’t do the math, but the $35,000 to the taxpayers extra a year, I don’t know what that is per person, but I believe it’d be pennies,” said Michael Keys, Erie City councilman.

Keys said for more than 30 years, Erie City Council has not received a salary increase.

“From 1986, everyone in this building has gotten a three to five percent raise, roughly every year, except council and the other elected officials,” Keys added.

City council members said this topic likely will not come up again until there’s a new city council.