Erie City Council passes $250,000 ordinance for City Hall security project

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Three ordinances dealing with the installation of metal detectors and other security measures was on the agenda for Wednesday night’s Erie City Council meeting.

Those projects, if passed, will cost nearly $900,000 from the 2021 City of Erie budget.

Good news is on its way now for restaurants in Erie and for City Hall to open potentially in June.

Erie City Council has voted to pass the ordinance of $250,000 to be used by the City of Erie capital fund to get more security in City Hall.

The vote count from the meeting was 7-0.

Along with metal detectors in the building, there will also be more security in place, such as key cards for employees and three security guards, one of whom will be armed.

The security is in place to help protect not only the employees in city hall, but also keep this a safe, public place for others.

An ordinance was also passed to ease some restrictions in restaurants for outdoor dining, also passed by a vote of 7-0.

“We have to do security in a balanced way that still protects access to City because I believe this is the people’s hall.” said Michael Keys, Vice President of Erie City Council.

“You know how badly restaurants in Erie have been hurt not being able to have people inside like they used to have them, this is just an easement to permit them to have open sidewalks, chairs, and tables. It’s a good idea to help a little bit.” said Ed Brzezinski, President of Erie City Council

Brzezinski says City Hall will hopefully be opened by June 1st.

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