Erie’s City Council president along with a few council members are scratching their heads on the mayor’s proposal for new storm, sewer, and garbage fees.

Ed Brzezinski still thinks that the mayor’s proposal is leaving those with a fixed income behind.

The president of Erie City Council said that the mayor’s proposal was put on hold because there are some questions that need to be answered.

Erie City Council president wants the tap turned off when it comes to new storm sewer fees.

“There are questions that storm water hasn’t been answered yet. We send water out to Summit, Millcreek, and Harborcreek. They use water. The water comes back down in the lake. Why aren’t they involved in this storm water thing,” said Ed Brzezinski, President of Erie City Council.

Yet here is what the mayor has to say.

“I rather raise every year by two or three percent rather than have to do every four years at ten and fifteen percent,” said Mayor Joe Schember, (D), City of Erie.

Meanwhile the 12 to 36 dollar annual fees depending on the size of the property still don’t ease Brzezinski’s mind.

“Those fees do not sit well with me. I respect the mayor and the position of the mayor, but I can’t agree with it,” said Brzezinski.

The mayor said that he is willing to sit down with those who question his mission.

“I like to talk to them about it. I spent 40 years in banking. I have some history with finances. I may be able to help them do better,” said Schember.

As the mayor sticks by his agenda, Brzezinski continues to argue that many funds are coming through including the passing of the infrastructure bill.

Brzezinski is not interested in the budget as is.

“I’m in a position right now if the mayor can not find enough money in the budget right now to pull that garbage and sewer fee. Then we’ll do it. Do it by line items and I don’t think he’ll like that,” said Brzezinski.

The mayor’s proposal will be on next month’s agenda for the council to vote. We have been told so far that two council members are siding with Brzezinski.

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