Erie City Council responds to alleged threat from retired police officer claim

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Earlier this month one Whole Foods Co-Op employee informed Erie City Council that she had allegedly received a threatening phone call from a retired city police officer.

The Erie Bureau of Police denied city council’s request yo view this woman’s written complaint.

Here is how city council is reacting.

Whole Foods Co-Op employee Leanna Nieratko allegedly received a threatening phone call from a retired City of Erie police officer on September 2nd.

Nieratko claims that the retired officer said that she should be raped and murdered for her support of black lives matter, but some members of city council are saying that the police reports cannot be released until the investigation is complete.

“The word is alleged and our city council people who are pushing for this should know better. They’re not gonna give us any information until the investigation is complete right now, not taking sides it’s a he said she said, we don’t know who said,” said Ed Breziznski, Erie City Councilman.

Breziznski added that a lot of people want to know everything right away, but the full story cannot be told until the investigation is complete.

“It’s not our place to set the agenda, that is the mayor’s job. If we don’t like what he’s doing we can talk to him and find some middle ground,” said Breziznski.

City Councilman Michael Keys said that the public will have to wait to learn more about this phone call.

However, Keys also said that city council wanted to learn more in order to follow up with the complaint.

“Somebody brought a complaint to us and you know we should do our due diligence to look into it,” said Keys.

Keys also added that he believes this instance demonstrates the communities need for a citizens review board.

“Citizens and the council do want a citizens review board because citizens need to have a safe place to go in order to file their complaints,” said Keys.

There has also been talk of a citizens review board for a long time whether one is being formed is still up in the air.

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