Erie City Council is in the process of pushing through a landlord-tenant ordinance.

Erie City Councilwoman Susannah Faulkner and Councilwoman Jasmine Flores met with renters and landlords to learn about the issues they face.

From these discussions, an ordinance was drafted to provide protections for renters and define the legal grounds for eviction.

On Wednesday morning, the council voted 6-0 on the first reading of this ordinance. Several residents also spoke in favor of the ordinance in city hall chambers.

“Often times when renters are making complaints or sighting different code violations or maintenance issues there will be a retaliatory eviction, so we now offer greater tenants rights around that. Also, there’s better protection around our domestic violence survivors. Survivors have options around ending their lease early, getting lock changes and things like that,” said Councilwoman Faulkner.

At their next meeting later this month, city council could take a final vote on this ordinance.