The vacant seat in Erie City Council has finally been filled.

Thursday night, council members met to interview 11 candidates and determined who would be the best fit for the job.    

Meet Susannah Faulkner, an Erie native and current Director of Development with the Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Network.

She’ll be sworn in on Wednesday, February 15 as the newest Erie City Councilmember.

This comes after former Council President Liz Allen resigned at the start of 2023.

“I’ve got over a decade of experience working in non-profits, serving the community. I’m from Erie, but I left for 13 years. So, when I came back and I’m now working at the Sisters of St. Joseph Neighborhood Network as well as Erie Dance Theatre through the Kings Center. Every day I work with kids and families who need an Erie that works for them,” said Susannah Faulkner, incoming City Councilmember.

Faulkner was selected by city council after a public interview process which saw 11 applicants from varying backgrounds.

Erie City Council President Chuck Nelson said that Faulkner’s background will help them immensely.

“She’s got one of the most impressive education resumes of anyone we had on here. London School of Economics and Public Policy is a heavy weight school. So, I think that she’s going to be bringing a lot of background and policy to it and I’m looking forward to getting to know her a little better and working with her,” Chuck Nelson, Erie City Council President.

Before her return to Erie, Faulkner was key in helping to reform a British Social Services program in 2015.

Along with that, she also fought against inequities within California’s child welfare system in 2021.

She hopes that she will be able to assist Erie with her experiences.

“I definitely feel like I’m getting a shot and I’ve got to rise to the occasion,” Faulkner said. “Even though I’m a fresher face to politics here in City Council, I am really truly honored and excited to work together, work collaboratively.”

Nelson also added that he believes this to be the first woman appointed to city council.