Erie City Hall now welcoming residents back to the building

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Erie City Hall is now welcoming residents back to the building.

This comes after a year when COVID forced the city to close the people’s building to the public.

Here is what we have heard from City Hall employees and others about the grand opening of City Hall.

We’re hearing from employees and others who are saying that it felt like the first day of school to have City Hall back open to the public. Of Course, City Hall did open with some changes.

It’s a view of people entering City Hall and experiencing some changes for the first time in almost a year.

The opening can be exciting to many as dozens of people have been coming to the building for in-person service.

When coming to City Hall, you’ll be required to wear a mask. You can also expect to go through security screenings of metal detectors and x-ray imaging.

Some people said that they are excited about the opening of City Hall since they depend on the services at City Hall.

“I’m really happy that they’ve opened and I felt really safe going through the metal detectors and all of that,” said Carole Rantamaki, Resident.

Mayor Joe Schember said that with the new security measures, his staff and the public can feel safer.

“Our employees picking in the upper floors where there have been incidents of the past. They feel much safer and much better and I think this is better for everyone for sure,” said Mayor Joe Schember, (D), City of Erie.

The mayor and others said that it has been a long time coming for the new security measures.

A.J. Antolik said that once you are screened, you can expect to go through three security guards and an ambassador that’ll help guide you to your service.

Antolik said that those looking for police assistance would have to go through the entrance of 7th and Peach which you would also be screened at the entrance.

“It was recommended to us in some way separate the two sides of the building,” said A.J. Antolik, Worker, Public Works.

Although there are changes to conform to, the mayor said that these changes are for the better.

The mayor said that there is still more to do to make City Hall safer, so of course we can expect more potential changes.

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