Erie City Mission changing operations due to COVID-19 pandemic

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As COVID-19 continues to spread across the commonwealth, the Erie City Mission is changing the way they operate.

Darrell Smith, the Director of Operations is saying that their administrative staff is able to work from home. However, when it comes to direct care, they have implemented a few changes. During lunch, they serve about 150 people, moving from a sit-down style lunch to bagged lunches. However, they are keeping their beds open, currently operating with about 90 beds.

“We can’t even really require that they stay in the shelter, we’re currently suggesting it and making it available. By the way, the shelter is completely full right now. And we are bringing lunches to them.” Smith said.

Smith adding they are trying to socially distance everyone that is staying at the shelter.

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Pennsylvania COVID-19 Map

Source: Pennsylvania Department of Health

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