Municipal leaders across the county took the day to discuss how they can improve your communities.

The focus Thursday was no matter if you’re apart of the smallest township or the largest, the key is to tackle community concerns together.

All 22 townships across Erie County came together for their annual convention.

Vendors and members of the Erie County Association of Township Officials (ECATO) spent the day discussing and sharing ideas to improve their communities.

“We share a lot as far as townships in this county and it never really gets headlines and a convention like this allows us to all come together and talk about the big topics that are important to everybody,” said Dean Pepicello, second vice president; ECATO, supervisor; Harborcreek Township.

Roads, parks, zoning, and relationships with state organizations were a few topics that were addressed. The convention also gives townships the ability to explore how to lend a helping hand.

“Rather than buying a piece of equipment you use one time a year or maybe a month a year we can share on that piece of equipment and saves everybody money,” said Jack Lee, president; ECATO and supervisor; Summit Township.

Other leaders such as State Senator Dan Laughlin and state representatives were in attendance to hear about municipality challenges and successes.

“We do a lot municipal collaboration but to do it all at the same place at the same time is really what this convention affords us to do. It’s very productive for sure and we’ll see the results as the day goes on,” Pepicello said.

Brainstorming ideas with leaders from different municipalities can lead to better solutions county wide.

“Everybody learns. Even myself I work construction since 1977 and you listen and learn and you ask questions to your elders and it really helps make a difference,” Lee went on to say.

Other leaders assure their constituents great things will come out of Thursday’s convention and into their communities soon.