Erie Coke hearing continues through third day of proceedings

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While Erie Coke is proposing to invest nearly 3 million dollars into fixing the plant, officials from the Erie County Department of Environmental Protection said they don’t think this proposal will bring the plant into compliance.

According to court documents, a majority of the money would go towards reducing emissions from the plant. More than 500 thousand dollars would also go into wastewater pretreatment.

According to the documents, all of the proposed improvement projects would be in compliance by December 2019.

Earlier today during the hearing, there was a confidential witness that testified about Erie Coke’s finances. That person’s name or testimony was not released to the public.

As far as Erie Coke’s proposal, the state has not accepted or rejected it. Both the D.E.P. and Erie Coke authorized D.E.P.’s community relations specialist to speak on behalf of the proposal.

Today, the board also heard the testimony from residents who live near the coke plant, along with an Erie Coke engineer.

These proceedings aren’t done yet. They will continue on Monday.

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